5 Go-To-Market Strategies For The German Market (B2B)

The German market is the biggest in Europe. On the contrary to the UK market, it is quite conservative, so you should be more careful while entering it.

Depending on your product and budget you might consider the following options:

  1. To sell directly from your home market
    This option can be fine if your target customers are rather open-minded and your product does not require too much effort and money to test.

In any case, it is beneficial that you have somebody internally or externally who is skilled with international expansion to Germany. This person will help you with identification and negotiation with Germany-based partners and might advise on the optimal approach. Please note that it is not only about the language skills but also about the understanding of German mentality and culture. The perception of the value proposition of your product can also depend on the culture.

Ideally, if you have your products and marketing materials localized into the German language. Despite the relatively high level of English skills in Germany, Germans prefer German to English. The scope of the localization can be potentially not 100%.

To test the German market before a bigger investment, you might consider:

  • To gather market intelligence at relevant local events and from relevant associations
    Events held in the German language might be the most eye-opening ones. Events that provide lists of attendees and are not too big or too cheap normally are the best to short-list.
    Germany is the country of associations, so expect to find several local associations in your domain.

The German market requires patience (expect a longer sales cycle) but rewards with a long-term and stable revenue stream.

Should you have any questions regarding entering the German market feel free to comment on this article, and I will try to respond.

PS. At www.scaleuphero.com we help internationally-oriented companies to enter and expand in Germany and other European markets. Our special focus is tech companies but we have experience in different industries.



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Sergiy Sumnikov

Business development advisor for expansion in Europe (www.scaleuphero.com) and mindful living enthusiast and coach (www.sergiysumnikov.com)