DIY: 3 things you should not be delegating

Sergiy Sumnikov
2 min readApr 26, 2020

Being a fan of delegation and automation, I face more and more its limits in terms of personal meaningfulness. I am listing here 3 things I consider that one should be very careful about in case of potential delegating.

  1. Your understanding of the world and your place in it
    We take many things as given, and our worldview is among them. We seldom question the worldview we have which to the big extend we received from others. Therefore, we are kind of delegating others to form our own worldview which can be a dangerous thing.
  2. Your special time with and for your close ones
    To delegate somebody choosing a present for your close person, to delegate entertaining of your close ones to somebody, or to delegate care for them are some examples of potentially risky delegation, in my opinion.
  3. Your fun, play, and even some routine activities
    In our capitalistic world, effectiveness is considered to be a key virtue. Is it really all about effectiveness? If so, then robots will be perfect humans. Isn’t life a lot about fun and play? Moreover, even such tasks as washing dishes or cleaning the home can be pretty nurturing to our balance.

How about you? What do you prefer to do yourself and what to delegate?

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