Is any of UN SDGs a part of the mission of your tech company?

Sergiy Sumnikov
2 min readApr 11, 2020

Why checking if any of the Sustainable Development Goals by the UN are part of the mission of your tech company is important?

If your mission is perceived as meaningful by the public, then it is easier to sell a product, raise money, get exposure in the media, hire better people, etc. In other words, to be a purpose-driven company is a powerful differentiator.

But, an artificial mission formulation can certainly bring more harm as people are smart and can spot a lie quite fast.

A venture capital firm Atomico in its report highlights the relevancy of the following keywords to SDGs:

  • innovative food, food waste, sustainable food, aquaculture, alternative protein, agritech, meat substitutes
  • medical & health devices, health platforms, direct-to-consumer health
  • water-saving and treatment
  • lithium-ion batteries, renewable energies, energy storage, green technology, solar energy, electric energy, wind energy, eco-friendly, sustainability
  • air quality, public transportation, urban mobility, charging solutions, smart city, vertical farming
  • second hand, water management, recycling, sustainable packaging, sharing economy

Don’t worry if the mission of your company does not contain the respective keywords. I am pretty sure that there are lots of more meaningful problems in the world to solve which can be represented by other keywords.

I can also imagine that some from the above-mentioned keywords are not perceived as meaningful by concrete individuals since meaningfulness is a subjective thing based on individual experience, cultural context, etc.

I would be happy to learn what do you think about the mission of your company in this context?

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