What is the state of the German tech sector?

Sergiy Sumnikov
1 min readApr 8, 2020


If you want to target the German tech sector with your products or services, it is certainly beneficial to understand the structure and dynamics of it.

I will sum-up the findings from the report of Deloitte from 2019:

  • The sector generates about 230 billion euros and employs about 1 million people
  • The hardware segment is getting less important while the software & services segment is expected to grow rapidly
  • 68% of revenue in the software & services segment is generated in B2B
  • The German mechanical engineering and automotive sector also generates comparatively strong demand for hardware
  • German technology companies primarily export high-margin special hardware in the B2B segment
  • Software and services are supplied first and foremost to German-speaking neighbors
  • Digital growth industries are considered automotive (connected car), biotech, fintech, insuretech, e/m-health, and smart cities
  • Top 3 trends are highlighted: internet of things and 5G, analytics and AI, XaaS

If you want to analyze individual software companies from Germany, you can start with participant lists of these three German associations:

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