What makes us human in the tech times?

What I observe is the trend to automate our lives. Yes, I feel grateful to Uber, AirBnB, mobile banking, online shopping, and many other great tech products that improved my everyday life. But, what I see as unhealthy though is making technology new religion, obsession with efficiency, and ignoring things that make us human. Taking time to play, nurturing meaningful relationships, enjoying the food you are eating — these and many other activities bring us back to the feeling of who we really are - humans, not robots.

I believe that we should strive for the future where we are more human, not less. Purpose, curiosity, passion, imagination are just some of the things which are worth cultivating.

Yesterday I was driving a car with my wife. At the same time, I was saying “Look, a tesla in a special color” and she was saying “Look, a playful labrador retriever”. After a while, I felt that I to want to notice more playful labradors in the street than teslas in a special color.

What do you think is making us human in tech times?

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Sergiy Sumnikov

Business development advisor for expansion in Europe (www.scaleuphero.com) and mindful living enthusiast and coach (www.sergiysumnikov.com)